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Between Zizek and the Lorax
Between Zizek and the Lorax
Junk mail, personal papers,cardboard tubes

Between Zizek and the Lorax consists of and results from the daily accumulation of junk mail and personal papers; toilet paper and paper towel tubes. It is a personal record of bills, receipts, handwritten notes; hand-delivered, commercially-printed advertisements – adhered together, layer upon layer, day after day into a system of tubular, towering lines. It is a meditation on consumerism, desire and excess. It is a physical memory of paper overloading an ever-crowded, overly manufactured world.

The title Between Zizek and the Lorax is inspired by an imaginary conversation occurring between the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek and Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, in which they discuss the ecological state of the world. While the Lorax shouts and screams in defense of the Truffula trees, Zizek promotes the advancement of technology and embraces the inevitable transformation of a non-existent, idealized “nature.” These contrasting voices ring in my mind as I consider my habits, ideals and dreams. Between Zizek and the Lorax is a search for balance in an increasingly unbalanced world.