Carrie Dickason
My work results from the collection and investigation of materials remaining from consumer culture. Whether from my own consumption, or from a variety of jobs (such as automotive upholstery or carpet restoration and restaurant work) I gather and reorganize matter that would otherwise be thrown away, into imaginary landscapes. I use processes inherent within the textile field: piecing, cutting, splicing, layering- utilizing the pre-existing palette of the materials themselves.

The layers of technology that exist within contemporary culture and how they are used in order to create a temporary desire intrigue me. What do these consumerist tendencies say about a society that chooses to manufacture items with the initial purpose of attraction, but end result of disposal? What stories will be revealed to future generations by the remains of an insatiable consumer culture? Can post-consumer materials continue to attract beyond their initial use? These observations and systems of inquiry into nature and our social impact on the environment inform my work.

My intention is to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. I hope that on some level the familiar, yet ephemeral qualities of the materials I use comment on the fragility and malleability of human lives and their environment. I am interested in creating objects that seduce viewers through materiality and invite them to contemplate their ideas about consumption and disposal; nature and culture; attraction and repulsion.