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Propagating Intentions

noun: propagation:

1. the breeding of specimens of a plant or animal by natural processes from the parent stock.
2. the action of widely spreading and promoting an idea, theory, etc.

Please join Tulsa Artist Fellows, Heyd Fontenot and Carrie Dickason for two hours of intentional conversation and activity. Through the lens of propagation, we’ll consider the myriad ways that plants can inspire and lead us to manifest our own solutions to address personal and societal needs. Please bring healthy plants to The Lodge of St. Reborlaro, for a collective gathering of propagation.

Propagating Intentions was the first of four events within Common Rhizomes : Creative Healing Experiences for the Land and its Histories, a series of communal experiences organized by Tulsa Artist Fellowship visual arts fellow Edgar Fabián Frías in collaboration with The Golden Dome School and with the support of the Tulsa Artist Fellowship. These experiences took the form of performances, workshops, and contemplative ceremonies organized around the concept of rhizomatic structures as a conceptual and embodied response to current political, historical, cultural, and personal needs of Tulsa residents and our country as a whole. Made in collaboration with Tulsa-based artists Heyd Fontenot, Carrie Dickason, and Alyssa Budig, along with Los Angeles based artists, Saewon Oh, Kwonyin, and Estela Sanchez. Edgar Fabián Frías, LMFT